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Edward Hands


Edward comes from the planet holder, tribe 0fHands. Ed can hold a variety of things, from lighters, to keys, toothbrushes and more. Very sturdy and will live a long useful life. Some friends will use Edward to unclog their smoking devices, open a locked bathroom door, or poke an obnoxious person. Full disclosure, Edward is afraid of ducks. Whenever he sees or hears a duck he urinates, Alot. The Planet Holder is home to many ducks. Edward's condition was not acceptable to his society.  He was ordered to be either placed where he could never again see or hear the sounds of his planet or be exiled to live free in another part of the galaxy. I took Edward and I am re homing him. I certify him to be disease free, Please keep him away from ducks or he will rust. He has an about a 12" arm width and is about 8' tall. Hand made of strong flexible inner wire wrapped with colorful pipe cleaners.